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U.S. Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and the FBI are a few of the professionals who depend on SureFire flashlights. But they’re not just SUREFIRE FLASHLIGHTS —they’re also Sure-Fire research and development team. Based on their combat experience and Sure Fire advanced engineering, SureFire’ve created flashlights that are superior to any others, with features such as high-output light sources, shock-isolation, military specification finishes, and parts-compatibility with SureFire FLASHLIGHTS . Whether you need to clear a bunker or simply read a map, you’ll never regret having the best tool for the job. Compare Surefire Handheld Flashlights and pick the best that works for you!

The Surefire G2 Nitrolon flashlight is powered by two lithium batteries (10-year shelf life) and made of Nitrolon, a proprietary polymer compound that is lightweight, corrosion-proof and non-conductive. A molded-in gridlock pattern allows for a sure grip in any weather, and— although three to four times brighter than a typical 2-D cell flashlight— this lightweight powerhouse is less than five inches long; making the Surefire G2 Flashlight ideal when space is at a premium and weight is an issue. The Surefire G2 flashlight features unique switching originally developed for law enforcement– twist for constant on, or depress the tailcap button for momentary illumination or emergency signaling.

SureFire High Performance Personal Lights will transform your concept of what a powerful personal light should be. the blog

SureFire Flashlights are incredibly bright, with smooth, pure white beams that have none of the "black holes" and imperfections of ordinary lights. Surefire lights are compact, lightweight and convenient to carry in a tactical holster, in a pocket, pouch or purse, instantly accessible for routine or emergency situations.

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