ledwave flashlights

The "BULB": O M B U is always searching and updating the latest LEDWAVE Technology for his products. Unlike a traditional incandescent bulb, an L.E.D. is a solid state device • the creation of light takes place at a molecular level rather than through those of a filament. This gives L.E.D.s three main advantages over a standard incandescent bulb:

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Flashlight A regular incandescent bulb emits light because electrical current is passed through a thin wire (called a filament) which is inside a glass vacuum led Flashlight bulb. A huge amount of energy is wasted in this process, and is released not through light output but by heat (which is why a standard bulb is hot when in use.) An L.E.D. does not have a filament to "heat-up" and thus there is not lost energy, making L.E.D.s approximately 3-5 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Ombu aplyies on his range of Xenon tactic lights a kind of bulb which is filled of gas. These are micro bulbs (small sized) filled with high pressure gas that enhances the brightness capability up to a 180% in most of our lights. The filament used on it also has special specifications to resist that high pressure gas. To not forget that Xenon technology offers the whitest possible light