AR-15 Accessories

In two stage, you usually pull the trigger through one sear surface with resistance against the disconnector and that gets you to the second stage where you are pulling against the sear surfaces that actually release the hammer. The first stage is usually heavier and has a lot of take up. The second stage has very little take up, is very light AR-15 STOCK and has little to no over travel.

Single stage, is just pulling through one sear surface that releases the hammer. It's just take up and then bang. Usually, the take up is shorter than the take up on the first stage of a two stage, but it's a way heavier trigger pull. A lot of times there's a good deal of over travel, but the reset is short.

Typically, people shooting fast and quick would prefer a single stage. More precision shooters like two stage AR15 Accessories.

Really, it seems that the main purpose of a two stage is for safety. If you have a light single stage, you run the possibility of doubles due to recoil, slow disconnector, or worn sear surfaces.


I just got an RRA two-stage trigger put in my AR-15 rifle..

Night and day I tell ya. I never complained about the standard single stage trigger, and my 16" carbine still has that, but the new two-stage one lets you know just before the hammer falls, and it's like glass.

On mine at least, it's a very light 1st stage and then a crispt glass breaking 2nd stage drop.

Can't wait to see if it helps anything on my Sig 556 LSASS .
've been trying to contact them for 2 weeks now and haven't had any luck.

I call and get an aswering machine that gives me the option to page them but i am reluctant to use it because if they really are busy I don't want to be the ass that bothers them.

Basically the question is:

Do you have a difficult time contacting this COLT MAGAZINES ?
Is the page option the only way to get to them?
I have a single stage trigger on my Bushmaster and a two-stage on my RRA. I've heard much about the single stage Timney drop-in single stage trigger (3 lbs.) that I will give it a try. I kind of like the idea of no trigger creep then SNAP the hammer falls. It will go into my AR-15 GRIPS and I'll post back after I give it a whirl.

Ok i got a chance to go to the range this afternoon. I fired a total of 600 rounds(my reloads) through 2 rifles. The breakdown is AR-15 Accessories
200 rounds 62 grain pulled military bullets using 25.2 grains IMR 4895
200 rounds 62 grain pulled military bullets using 24.7 grains H 335
200 rounds 55 grain pulled military bullets using 25.5 grains H 335

100 rounds of each were shot through my Stag Model 2T 16 inch carbine and my CMMG 14.5 middy on a Stag Lower.

I had some extraction issues with the Stag prior to the installation of the LMT Enhanced Carrier.
Now these issues seem to be totally resolved. The LMT Carrier worked beyond my expectations.
All 300 rounds went off without a hiccup. With the LMT Carrier cycling was smoother and slower (in a good way) than it ever was. As a matter of fact now the recoil(i know, what recoil?!) seems less than that of my 14.5 middy!

Another good thing about the carrier is that the receiver, particularly the bolt group, carrier, and chamber seem to get much less fouling. Others have posted reviews and have made the same AR-15 FOREARMS.

Here are some pictures.

Stag 15 with LMT Enhanced Carrier.